Urban Environmental Pollution 2014

Urban Environmental Pollution 2014

Climate Change and Urban Environment
12 - 15 June 2014, Sheraton Centre, Toronto, Canada

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The aim of Urban Environmental Pollution 2014 (UEP2014) is to provide an international forum to continue to explore and characterize urban environments and how they affect human health and well-being.

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Urbanization continues at a record pace all over the world, especially in emerging and developing economies. China has decided that the best way for the government to deliver
essential goods and services to rural people is to encourage them to move to existing and/or new cities and become urban dwellers. Cities are seen as destinations, especially for young people in search of employment, education, social contacts and cultural advantages. The future for the human race is in cities.

We need to learn more about cities and how they function. We know that they consume enormous quantities of materials and energy and release large quantities of wastes. Cities are the source of air, water and soil pollutants. Heat islands and CO2 domes, combined with particulates and ozone affect human health. Lack of park and green space disconnects urban  residents from the natural world and may have adverse psychological effects.

In UEP2014 we will continue to explore the nature of the urban environment and how it affects human health and well-being.

Topics List

  • Urban environments and how they function
  • CO2 greenhouse gases and warming
  • Air, water and soil pollutants
  • Human health in the city
  • Vegetation in the city
  • Built environment and urban climate
  • Alleviation of urban stress problems


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Supporting Journal

Supporting Journal:Environmental Pollution
Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Environmental Pollution
An Author Workshop on how to prepare your manuscript for acceptance by a peer-reviewed journal will be held during UEP2014 and hosted by the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher of Environmental Pollution.
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