Urban Environmental Pollution 2014

Testimonials – Previous Urban Environmental Pollution Conferences

After every conference, Elsevier sends out a questionnaire to the attendees. Below are some comments made by delegates of Urban Environmental Pollution 2012 and Urban Environmental Pollution 2010. They are displayed exactly as they were submitted.

Urban Environmental Pollution 2012

‘Good level of the conference, interesting presentation, prestigious speakers’

‘good opportunity for networking high quality of content’

‘good topics, speakers and possibility to meet people. good organization.’

‘High quality of presentations’

‘It is a good chance to meet colleagues and know about the newest trend in the field of urban environmental pollution’

‘It is about topical issues.’

‘It is very useful to attend this meeting’

‘Relevant with current needs based on recent environmental issues and research activities that related to global warming, UHI and urban environmental problems.’

‘the diversity of countries involved and their different realities in terms of environment’

‘The paper could be published in special issue of Environmental Pollution.’

‘The topic is focused very good.’

‘Very relevant scope of conference. Very well organised. I like the way parallel sessions did not occur, it improved networking opportunities.’

‘Very well organized’

‘Interdisciplinary exchange about urban environmental pollution’

Urban Environmental Pollution 2010

‘Diverse mix of individuals to cover a complex topic’

‘great sessions, excellent size, well structured’

‘Hearing the latest research presented by highly published authors.’

‘High quality of presentations from many disciplines’

‘High quality, truly interdisciplinary conference, unique in scope and approach, excellent proceedings publishing opportunities.’

‘Interdisciplinary approach showed’

‘invited speakers, good organization’

‘Outstanding papers on a neglected topic’

‘Size and of conference and breadth of topics’

‘the conference covered a lot of aspects of urban env poll’

‘The magnitude and exposure of the event.’

‘The meeting was well organized and output was very interesting.’

‘The scientific quality of the work’

‘Breadth of presentation related to the topic’

‘Challenging new ideas’

‘Content was real good.’

‘Great overview of material, and get exposed to many different facets of research.’

‘High proportion of good, relevant and interesting presentations.’

‘High quality of research presented.’

‘perfect organization and good relation to delegates’

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Supporting Journal

Supporting Journal:Environmental Pollution
Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Environmental Pollution
An Author Workshop on how to prepare your manuscript for acceptance by a peer-reviewed journal will be held during UEP2014 and hosted by the Editor-in-Chief and the Publisher of Environmental Pollution.
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